Hello, lovelies!

I hope you are starting to feel amazing (or even more amazing)!

This series is about giving you little steps that, when implemented and compounded with all of the other steps, will help you to feel amazing. Making slow & steady changes is one of the best ways to enlist lasting changes.

(If you’d like to review, here are the links to Tip #1 and Tip #2)

For Tip #3 I talked about making upgrades to your food choices….If you’re addicted to certain processed foods, finding the best possible version of it and have that is a great way to “have your cake and eat it too”!

And, if you’ve rather listen to this than reading, here’s a link to the youtube video.

What that looks like is If you love boxed mac-n-cheese as I did, find a healthier version or make your own.

I touched on the fact that it is confusing for people to figure out what to eat—should you be a vegan or eat paleo? Gluten or non-gluten?

The answer is really simple….but it’s not always the one people want to hear and I’ll answer it by telling a story.

I’ve mentioned before about how, in 2005, I was so depressed I wanted to end my life. I had read about how sugar caused depression so I made a deal with myself to not eat sugar for a week to see how I felt.

I told myself that if I felt better, I’d explore this food/mood connection more. And, if I didn’t, I had permission to end my life.

Obviously, I felt better.

A few months later I was in school for health coaching and learning about all of the different dietary theories—It was so confusing.

One speaker would tell you that you HAVE to be a vegan for your health, then the next speaker would say the exact opposite—that you HAVE to eat meat for your health—both with science to back it up.

At one point one of the teachers spoke about gluten and said that it caused inflammation. I LOVED me some bread so gluten was not something I was wanting to eliminate from my life.

But, I was constantly bloated and fatigued (which were symptoms of gluten intolerance)—and THAT was something I wanted to eliminate from my life.

I knew I had a flat stomach somewhere in there so I decided to do another ‘week’ experiment to see what happened.

I didn’t eat it for a week and I felt 100% better AND, by the end of the week I had the flat stomach I knew was there!

I’ve since done that with so many different dietary theories and have landed that I’m a “Heather-a-tarian.”

I eat what makes ME feel energized and good, rather than what makes me feel exhausted and crappy (of course I do, every once in a while eat things that don’t make me feel great because… #human).

So….how do you know what way of eating is the best for you?


Add in a ton of veggies for a week and see how you feel.

Don’t eat gluten for a week and see how you feel.

Your body will give you the answers if you listen to it. It is constantly changing and your food needs are always changing as well.

And, the great part about doing it like this is that then you will have the skill for the rest of your life to be your own nutritionist/doctor (not that we don’t need outside help at times but you won’t feel like you have to rush to someone else to give you the answers that your body already has)!

Todays Tip:  Pay attention to how you feel after you eat. If you feel tired, drained or bloated, it may not be the best food for you.