Lately many of my conversations with my clients have been about wanting to feel different feelings…

*   I shouldn’t get mad/angry by now…

*   I shouldn’t feel sad…

*  I should be able to pick up the phone & make my sales calls but I’m afraid…

or some other similar statement.

I totally get feeling that way. There are definitely times when I’ve beaten myself up over how I “should” feel.

My recent Aerial performance was one of those times. This was my 3rd performance & heading into it I wasn’t nervous about it….or so I thought.

At dress rehearsal when I started climbing the silks my feet started shaking like CRAZY! What the heck!?!

I was NOT nervous…or so I thought.

So… while I was doing my piece, I was also having an internal argument with my nerves (how silly is that??)–I was definitely not in the present moment.

When I was done, I processed it and realized that, if this were to happen during the actual showcase, in order to be present in the moment and to have a great experience I needed to do 3 things (one client calls this the Triple-A method):

Acknowledge that the emotion is there (“hello nerves!”)

Accept that they are there (“I see you there, nerves, it’s ok for you to be here…I am swinging by a silk, so it’s kind of natural that part of me wants to protect myself from harm.”)

Allow it to be along for the ride. (“Hey nerves, you are welcome to hang out with me here on the silks…just know that I’m the main on in charge”)

It sounds so easy, right?

Guess what? It really is that easy.

Flash forward to the showcase–I’m excited but not feeling nervous…..until I start climbing & notice my feet shaking again. “what the heck???” was my 1st thought….then I remembered about Triple-A & I did just that.

I acknowledged the nerves, I accepted that they were there & allowed them to be there with me AND I didn’t make myself wrong for feeling them.

You know what? As soon as I did that, the nerves disappeared and I had a great time just being present in the moment.

My piece was very simple but it achieved what I wanted it to be–simple, elegant and graceful (if I do say so myself 🙂 ).

The next time you are feeling something that you believe you “shouldn’t” be feeling, I invite you to use the Triple-A Method. I have no doubt that you will be saying, just like so many of my other clients “it really works like a miracle!”.

Oh, and if you want to see my performance, here’s the link (click on the picture to be taken to the video):


If you use this method I’d love to hear your experience with it!

Wishing you the best,

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