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I had been struggling with self-doubt and procrastination since I was a little girl, which was impacting my energy levels at work and outside of work. My low levels of energy caused me to procrastinate because I had no energy to deal with what was in front of me.
After working with Heather using the Emotion & Body Code, we discovered a stacking of emotions and a hidden Heart-Wall, which has now been taken town.
Since then I have felt much more grounded. I have more energy and have started to take steps in all areas in my life where I procrastinated in the past.
The Body Code is simple and easy to receive. Our sessions were conducted over the phone and I started to feel the effects within a couple of days.
Paula H.

Life Coach, Reiki Master

Before I worked with Heather, I was on and off diets for 20 years, feeling bad about myself and not knowing which step to take next.

In a few months, Heather opened my eyes to a whole new, healthy life. I not only learned to eat healthier and differently. I learned to handle my cravings and love myself more.

Heather’s personality is so inviting, I was able to share quickly with her deep, personal and confidential issues.

Since she has coached me online I have noticed much progress in my life. I am happier and more courageous…I am just more confident on the inside and out.

Anke H.

Health Coach

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