Salt, chocolate and coconut….according to my tastebuds, there aren’t many better flavors to combine.

What’s Smart about these Salted Chocolate Coconut Bites is that they are free of gluten, dairy and, if you use the Lily’s brand chips they are free of re-fineded sugar.

What’s Sexy about them is that they are amazingly delicious, completely satisfying and full of all of the right kinds of fats our bodies need (did you know that just 2 tbsp a day of coconut oil can reduce belly fat within 1-3 months??? Check it out here: ).

If you haven’t used Coconut Nectar before, it’s one of my favorite sweeteners.

Flavor wise, it’s hard for me to pin-point exactly what it tastes like. It’s kind of caramel-y but not totally. It’s sort of earthy and tangy at the same time.

Coconut Nectar is tapped from the coconut tree. The sap is minimally processed at low temperatures compared to other sweetness such as Agave or Maple Syrup.

It’s a low-glycemic sweeter and is 100% raw, which means that it’s enzymatically alive. We love alive food :). I typically get my coconut nectar at Whole Foods or on Amazon.

Hope you have more self-control with these than I do!

Salted Chocolate Coconut Bites 3

Makes about 20

1 3/4 cup shredded unsweetened coconut
3 Tbsp.+ 1 tsp Coconut Oil
3 Tbsp. Coconut Nectar
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 cup chocolate chips (I love Lily’s since they are sweetened with Stevia: or Enjoy Life as they don’t have the common allergens).
Himalayan Sea Salt (you can use regular sea salt)

In a medium bowl combine together the unsweetened coconut, 3 Tbsp. coconut oil, coconut nectar, and vanilla extract.

Blend until well combined (You can also do this in a blender or food processor).

Place the chocolate chips and 1 tsp coconut oil in a small metal or glass bowl. In a small pot, place a small pot with about 1/4 inch of water over low heat. Place the bowl with the chips in the pot with water and allow to melt (be careful not to have water come to a boil as any water in the chips will cause it to seize and become unworkable).

While chocolate is melting, use your hands or mini-cookies scooper to mold the coconut mixture into bite-size bites. Place bites on wax or parchment paper.

Use a spoon to gently drizzle the melted chocolate over each coconut bite (enough to cover the top & sides).

Sprinkle with sea salt while the chocolate is still moist.

Place in refrigerator until chocolate hardens.