Recently I had someone approach me to get involved in a MLM (multi-level marketing) company that sells a product that claims to help people lose weight quickly.

He thought that since I’m into health & wellness that I’d want to help people lose weight quickly and that this product is great for that because,

“Most people know what they “should do” unfortunately my experiences with the general public is such that they are lazy and want a quick fix.”

As I thought about how I would respond that I was not interested, what came to mind was the book title, “What Got You Here Isn’t What’s Going To Get You There” (Marshall Goldsmith)

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He was absolutely right, most people do know what they “should do” and they do want a “quick fix”.

The trouble with that is that “quick fixes” are what got them into the situation in the first place.

We are a nation of people who want everything fast.

Fast food

Quick solutions

Fast cash

We want everything fast and believe that we don’t have to work to get the results.

The problem is, all of that fast food, quick solutions and fast cash have led us to a place where we are, as Joe Cross says, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”.

More than one-third of U.S. adults are obese. That’s 78.6 million. Seriously.

Honestly, I think it has to be more than that. Anytime I go out in public I see more sick people than healthy. More heavy people than in-shape people.

(Please note, I do not at all believe that skinny = healthy. I was skinny but was a walking mess, pre-diabetic, depressed, fatigued. I looked healthy on the outside but was far from it. Illness manifests itself differently in different people, unfortunately, when someone is overweight it is more obvious than things such as diabetes.)

We are dying from preventable deaths such as heart disease, stroke, type-2 diabetes and certain types of cancer at crazy rates.

Why on earth would we use the same strategies (aka “quick fixes”) that got us into this mess? Do quick fixes really create lasting change?

Do they really teach people to get back to the basics that we know create lasting change?

Here are the very basics:

* Eat Real Food

* Drink Water

* Get 8 Hours of Sleep Nightly

* Exercise

* Fill your mind with positive thinking

Instead, we want a quick fix, we want to skip the basics and do things like:

* Eat “food-like” substances that give us instant pleasure but long-term illness

* Drink beverages that give us quick bursts of energy (coffee in the morning)  or wind us down for the night (wine before bed anyone?)

* Sleep 5-6 hours so we can spend more time in front of the t.v.

* Sit around watching t.v. or movies and the only exercise we get is clicking on the remote control or walking to the fridge

* Surround ourselves with bad news, violence and gossip

the quick fixes that we thought would free us leave us fat, sick & unhappy.

Why do we do it?

It all comes down to the same thing–we are looking to feel a certain way. For some it may be happy. For others it may be content. For others it may be confident. For some it’s to forget

Whatever that feeling is we have believed the lie that these quick fixes will make us feel that certain way. Instead, they just leave us feeling depleted, exhausted and sick. So we keep chasing the latest and greatest “quick fix”.

What if we decided to chase the lasting fix instead of the quick fix? What would life be like for us as a society? What would life be like for you?

My life is living proof that taking the time to eat real food, exercise and invest in self-development brings lasting change. I’m proud to say that I haven’t followed the path of many in my family in becoming diabetic, overweight and chronically fatigued.

I don’t say that to say that I’m better than anyone; I say that to say that if I can do the work, anyone can.

Are you ready to give up the quick fixes for lasting change?

If so, I’d love to help you. It’s not about taking pills or quick fixes but about making tweaks in your diet in lifestyle so that you can feel & look your best. Yes, it may be “hard” at first. But so is being fat & sick. Pick your hard.

If you know it’s time for you to create lasting change, let’s talk. Schedule your Breakthrough Session Today so you can enter into 2015 a new person!

I’m committed to supporting you achieve the results you want. Are you?

Eat Smart, Feel Sexy!

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