Jumpstart My Heart

A 4-Week Journey

“I’m stuck!”

“It feels like there is something stuck inside of me and I don’t know how to get rid of it.”

“I’ve tried coaching, it didn’t work for me.”


If you’ve ever said something like this and you

feel like you’ve tried everything, you’re not alone!


I’ve been trained in the world’s top Peak Performance Coach program. I have worked with some of the best trained coaches in the world and had little movement in my life because they kept wanting to address my conscious mind…

I would say to my friends, “It’s like putting perfume on poop to get rid of the smell.”

It just doesn’t work.

It would HIDE the stink, but it wasn’t addressing the CAUSE of the stink. It wasn’t my conscious mind that was holding me back…what was really holding me back was my subconscious.

What’s really holding you back?


What is a Heart-Wall?


The thing that holds most of my clients back is something called the Heart-Wall.

According to the groundbreaking research by Dr. Bradley Nelson, almost 93% of the population is living with a Heart-Wall!

The Heart-Wall is made up of layers of blocked energy created by trapped emotions. These “trapped emotions” remain with you, unseen, but wreck havoc in your relationships and your professional life. It prevents you from achieving abundance in your career and in your personal life.


Signs and Symptoms of Having a Heart-Wall


* feeling emotionally “numb”

* feeling isolated, disconnected or distanced from yourself & others

* feeling stuck & unable to experience spiritual, mental or physical growth

* feeling stifled from giving and receiving love

* feeling like there is a wall around your chest/heart

* feeling “heavy”

A Heart-Wall can stifle your ability to give and receive love, sabotaging your relationships.

A Heart-Wall Can ‘numb’ you to emotions and block you from feeling joy.

A Heart-Wall can interfere with your ability to harness your creative energy and achieve abundance and success.

However, there Is great news!

You Can Clear Your Heart-Wall!


We can release each trapped emotion surrounding your Heart-Wall, layer by layer, until you are Heart-Wall Free.

When You Are Heart-Wall Free You….

* find success

* feel lighter and freer

* are open to love

* feel emotions you haven’t felt in years

* discover that you can finally move forward in your life

Find Success

Feel Lighter And Freer

Be More Open To Love

Only until we release your Heart-Wall will you be able to address the conscious blocks that are keeping you in a loop.

You’ll discover that those limitations that were holding you back are no longer there.

You deserve more than for someone to tell you just “change your beliefs” without showing you how.

I’ve developed a 4-week journey where we will release your Heart-Wall AND give you the tools to create the life you desire.

During our 4 weeks together we will:



* Release trapped emotions that make up your Heart-Wall

* Release the “goals” that are only weighing you down

* Create experiences that are fulfilling and satisfying

* Get clarity on Exactly what it is you want out of life

* Create a plan so you can step back into the light of your true nature

* Create a story that excites you to move forward

“It’s Like A Miracle”

I’ve always been so hard on myself, even the past few years when I was “working” on being less hard on myself, I was actually still being really hard on myself.

Suddenly, I feel like my own ally, my best friend. I realized this is because of releasing my Heart-Wall. It’s like a miracle!”

Lisa S.

Small Business Owner

Are You Ready To Jumpstart Your Heart

By Releasing Your Heart-Wall?

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Week: 1: Dismantling YourHeart-Wall:

In Week 1 we’ll start on clearing your Heart-Wall during our call and then, during the week, I will do the work remotely and we will be in touch about the progress of your Heart-Wall removal. As the energy blocking your heart releases, you will experience enormous sense of relief.

Week 2:  Goals with Feelings:

In Week 2 we’ll uncover what’s holding you back from having the life you desire.
We’ll create new goals that are inspiriting to YOU, and develop the tools you need to achieve them. During this week, you will gain clarity about what you need to create the life you’ve always desired.

Week 3: The Steps to Success and Enjoying the


In Week 3 we’ll look at the different stages in your journey and give you the tools you need to get clarity where you are AND where you want to be.

By the end of the week, you will no longer feel pressure to arrive at your final destination but will be relishing in the fulfilled experience of the journey itself.

Week 4: Enjoying the Transition

During Week 4, we’ll continue to create a new transition story that will help re-define your thoughts and feelings about your life’s journey.

Your journey will continue to be easy, fun and exciting. We’ll work through any roadblocks you may be experiencing, while also celebrating the journey you’ve completed thus far!

“I feel so clear about so many things.”

“This Heart Wall stuff is amazing. I feel so clear about so many things. I got a promotion and raise at work where I essentially get to design my dream job and then do it, which is funny because when I first started talking to you 3 months ago I was ready to get out of this job. I’m moving in with my boyfriend- he makes me want to be my best in all areas! I’m being more open and speaking up in groups, this is becoming more natural to me. I feel so free and awesome!

I feel like everything is great, and that my entire life has shifted in a cool new direction that is aligned with who I am and who I want to be”

Jolene G.

Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist

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When you release your Heart-Wall, you and those you love can live a freer, happier life.

Experience priceless freedom of living Heart-Wall free.

I’m a coach who has great tools and resources at my disposal, yet there was still something holding me back from having the kind of relationship I was looking for but couldn’t seem to get myself beyond my past.

Once my Heart-Wall was released I found myself more opened to being in a relationship…and now I’m happily engaged!

Chris S.

Life Coach & Small Business Owner

Do You Have Some Questions?

Still have questions but are unsure? (I totally understand! I felt the same way when I first learned about energy healing.

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“I feel light, free and happy”

“Ever since you did the Heart-Wall clearing, I’ve felt so free. I used to live in a state of frustration—so many little things would annoy me. Now, those little things don’t annoy me and I feel light, free and happy.”


Frank E.



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