Hello lovely!

This “How to Feel Amazing” series is all about sharing tips & tools that you can do to feel amazing.

There are endless amounts of things to talk about that can make your life amazing; I decided to start with food and how we fuel our physical body because food is so primal and fundamental to our lives.

In Tip #1 we talked about noticing whether or not Your food was ever touched, by soil, water, and sun or if it came in packaging was made in a manufacturing plant. 

In Tip #2 we talked about how calories are not created equal and if you took a group of kids and ask them which was healthier, a cup of M & M’s or a cup of peas they would all say that pees are healthier (although they may say that they’re gross).

In Tip #3 we talked about how you don’t have to give up your favorite foods to feel amazing but just to upgrade your choices of them and the find the highest and best version of that food.

In Tip #4 we talked about all the confusion that’s out there about how people say that you should eat this or that. I invited you to do a one week experiment— whether it’s removing sugar or gluten for a week— or going vegan for a week or doing Paleo for a week— The idea was to take a week and noticed how your body feels when you’re eating or not eating a certain thing.

Today, I wanted to dive more into the idea of listening to your body.

And, if you’ve rather listen to this than reading it, here’s a link to the youtube video.

We’ve been raised in a culture that has told us to listen to everyone else about how we feel. From the time we were young we were told when we could go to the bathroom when we could eat, when we could play that we’ve turned off the ability to listen to our own body to hear what it needs.

By the time we become adults, we’ve gotten into the habit of going to ”experts” to tell us what we should do without taking the time to check in with ourselves.

When we go to these people, who have never spent a minute in our bodies, they are giving us “advice” based on studies done with other people and, sprinkled in there are their own biases as to what we should do based on their own education (which, by the way, Doctors get about 15 minutes of teaching on nutrition).

We’re often told, “what you eat doesn’t matter” yet will prescribe you a little tiny pill and say if you put it in your mouth and swallow it, the same way you do with food 3x/day you’ll be better?!?

I’m not at all saying that Western medicine is bad & that we shouldn’t use those who have studied ways to help us increase our health—we Absolutely need Western medicine for trauma—and when it comes to increasing our health, we need to take back the responsibility and start to tune into our bodies to listen to what it’s telling us.  

This is not something that people find easy at first because it’s so foreign to us.

And, with practice & time, as we allow ourselves to get quiet and ask ourselves questions such as,

“Is this food good for my body?”

“Will drinking this give me the health and energy my body needs?”

you will be amazed at the answers you will hear.

At first, you may experience confusion, which is actually a great thing because that opens up space for new information to come in.

As you practice it daily, you will become your best advocate for knowing what foods/drinks will make you feel amazing or not.

And when we have choices, we have more power to feel amazing.

So, over the course of the next couple of days, I invite you to take a moment and be quiet before you eat and ask yourself a question such as  “Is this food good for my body?”.

See what answers you get, make shifts according to what you are hearing and soon enough, you’ll start feeling amazing 🙂

Todays’ Tip: Listening to the messages our body gives us allows us the tools to create an amazing life for ourselves!