Hello, lovelies!

Welcome back to “How to feel Amazing”!

So far I’ve shared without tips and tools on how to use foods to help you feel amazing.

I also shared that food isn’t the #1 thing that can make us feel amazing but it’s a great starting point to help our bodies and brains to feel better—so, we are going to spend a good amount of time talking about foods and how to use them For us rather than against us.

We’ve talked about how food is to the body like gas is to our cars (tip 1).

How eating foods that are nutrient rich, that have been touched by the soil, sun, and water versus calorie deficient is a better way to feel amazing (tip 2).

We talked how you don’t have to give up the things you love (like Mac-n-cheese for me) but about upgrade the quality of those foods (tip 3)

We talked about doing a 1-week experiment with different foods to see how you feel with or without them and that by listening to what your body is telling you, you are taking back control over your life (tip 4 & tip 5)

This week we talked about how understanding your metabolic type (whether you are carb, protein or mixed type), your Blood type and knowing what your ancestors ate can be a huge help in figuring out what your body needs.

Today I wanted to share something with you that I hear from a lot of people when they start to make changes in their diet & lifestyle.

(If you’ve rather listen to this than reading, here’s the link to the video.).

What typically happens for most people is that that are excited about making changes, they start adding more foods that are nutrient dense and come from the earth and then…..they start feeling worse than they did before….which, is frustrating and makes them want to give up.

It makes sense when you are doing something that you are told is supposed to make you feel good but it ends up making you feel crappy…who wouldn’t want to stop it?

So, what’s the deal?

There’s an actual name for this—It’s called The Herxheimer Reaction (aka a Healing Crisis).

This is a short-term detoxification reaction in the body. It’s your immune system’s reaction to the toxins that are being killed off and being eliminated from your body—they just aren’t eliminated as fast as we’d want so it either exacerbates the symptoms being treated or creates their own symptoms.

So, then we think, “it’s not working” when in reality, it is absolutely working because we want to get the toxins out of the body.

Think of it this way….If your toilet pipes were taking a long time to flush and things weren’t moving as fast as you know they could be you would call a plumber. He’d tell you that the pipes are clogged and he had to open up the pipes to clear what’s blocking it. At first, there would be more smelly poop coming out of the pipes he opened.

If we were looking at cleaning our bodies, It would seem like you’d want him to stop and go back to how things were because you didn’t like the stench.

But, as you endured the crappy smell as he cleared away the blockage, the poop would be able to start flowing feeling and go where it needs to go.

Most of us have been filling our bodies with things that are pretty toxic for us—as well start adding in foods that have more nutrients, it pushes out the toxins and we can experience lots of different symptoms—If this happens to you, know that eating the nutrient dense food IS in fact working….you just have to ride the wave of all of the toxins coming out of your body.

Which, I get, is not fun.

One of the ways that I explain sticking with a change to my clients is this….

If they are a female I ask them to remember the 1st time they had sex.

For most females, it felt completely unnatural, it hurt and there was some type of bleeding involved.

Yet, they continued to do it because they were told that it feels really amazing…and, eventually, it does get really good.

This doesn’t work so much with men…with men, I ask them if they like beer. 99% of them say yes. I ask them to remember the 1st time they had beer & if they liked it. 97% of them say, “no, I thought it was gross”.

When asked why they continue to do it, they say that it was because of peer pressure, or because they were told that it’s good…so, they keep drinking it and eventually, they love it.

The same is true of eating whole, real foods.

At first, they may be gross to you (they definitely were to me)…but we all know that if we were to consistently eat whole, real food, we would feel better.

We just have to go through the Herxheimer reaction to get to the place of feeling Amazing!

If you could do it with sex or beer, it’s possible with eating whole, real food as well.

Trust me, if this girl who ate only processed foods, HATED vegetable and ate everything sugary I could get my hands on can do it, so can you!

Today’s tip: You have to go through the sucky feelings to get to the Amazing feelings! If you are implementing the changes we’ve talked about in each of these tips so far and aren’t feeling so great, check in with your body to see if it’s just the Herxheimer reaction or something deeper that you need to pay attention to.