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I hope that you are feeling more and more amazing each day!

(If you’ve rather listen to this than reading, here’s a link to the youtube video). 

In Tip #6 we talked about figuring out your metabolic type—whether you are a carb, protein or mixed time.

Understanding this helps us decide for us what we need to eat rather than asking other people what’s best for us because our bodies are constantly changing.

And, understanding your metabolic type is one tool to figure our bodies out.

Another tool that you may have heard about is the Blood Type diet.

Put very basically, Dr. D’Adamo determined that our blood type determines how our bodies react to food.

According to his research,

A-types are better suited for a vegetarian diet. They do well with foods that are fresh, pure and organic (as an A type, I can vouch that this is true for me).

Exercise wise, they do better with calming, centering exercises such as yoga.

B-types tend to have a more robust immune system and tolerant digestive system, they seem to be a bit more adaptable than A/or O types when it comes to diet.

Exercise wise they do well with moderate physical exercise that requires mental balance such as hiking, cycling, tennis & swimming.

O0types tend to do well with intense physical exercise and more of a Paleo diet of animal proteins and veggies—less on dairy and grains.

A/B-types do well with a combination of all of these…which can be complex to figure out (but not impossible).

What’s helpful in understanding your blood type is that it gives you a road-map for determining what foods really work best for you.

AND, there still is the responsibility to pay attention to your body.

For instance, I am an A blood type and it says I do best on a Vegetarian diet. I feel the best when I am eating a diet of whole, real, pure foods as he says…and I’ve attempted to be vegetarian but I found that right before my periods my body felt much better if I had some kind of clean animal protein.

The Blood Type Diet is a great starting point with so much great information about your blood type that I highly recommend checking it out and experimenting with.

No matter what tool, it is still up to you to feel what your body is feeling and listen to the messages it’s giving you. 

Tomorrow I’ll share one more piece of the puzzle of figuring out how to make your body feel amazing so that you can put it all together.

Today’s Tip: Check out some info on the Blood Type and see what it says about you. Maybe experiment with Dr. D’Adamo’s suggestions and see if you do feel Amazing!