Hello lovely!

I started this series of “How to Feel Amazing” this because I hear over and over from the clients I work with that they don’t feel as well as they’d like.

And, I get that. I struggled for years feeling like crap and had to spend tens of thousands of dollars to find the answers of how to take back control and feel amazing.

I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that I feel amazing 100% of the time. Sometimes I make decisions that create momentary fulfillment but not long-term amazingness.

And, that’s ok, because I’m human—I am not under the illusion that we can feel 100% all of the time. Things happen and one of our jobs as humans is to feel everything —the good and the not so good.

There are so many different things that can help us feel amazing—from the choices we make for our physical body to the choices we make mentally and emotionally—they are all intertwined and impact each other.

I decided to start with simple concepts about food because it is easier to make positive mental choices when our bodies are fueled by amazing nutrients.

If you’ve rather listen to this than reading, here’s a link to the youtube video.

Food choices can be confusing because there is so much contrary information out there—(check out Tip 4 for more info )

Most of us just want someone to tell us what to eat so we don’t have to think about it.

While that sounds great at first, it’s like buying clothes that are “one size fits all”—which we know rarely works for anyone.

And, when we listen to the advice of someone other than ourselves without checking in with our bodies, it ends up leaving us susceptible to lots of challenges because we are listening to someone who doesn’t know our body rather than the cues we get from our body.

For example, if you feel like you have to listen to the advice of someone else and that someone tells you that you HAVE to drink dairy to build strong bones, yet, you have diarrhea every day after drinking it….clearly, your body is telling you otherwise!

Today I wanted to share with you the secret that is rarely talked about in the western food world—The secret is….there is no perfect diet for everyone.

You were created uniquely and have genetics and experiences that are individual to you which ultimately dictate what is best for you to eat.

Once you understand the different foods that work for you, you have the ability to choose to look & feel amazing.

There are a couple of different tools that will help you determine what works best for you.

Today I want to share with you about Metabolic Typing (or, some call it Nutritional typing).

The basic idea of Metabolic typing is that there are 3 different groups of metabolism.

Carb type—these types feel better when the majority of their food is carbohydrates—(and by carbohydrates, I mean vegetables and fruits versus grains, bread, and pasta).

Protein type—they do best when they consume a high-protein and relatively high-healthy fat diet.

Mixed type—they do best when they do a combination of proteins & carbs.

Think of it this way, if 2 people went to an Italian restaurant and both ordered a plate that had 75% pasta & 25% meatballs about an hour or so after dinner, the protein type would be starving, not feeling energize and overall not satisfied.

The Carb type would feel great.

If the next day, the same 2 people went back to the Italian restaurant and this time ordered a plate of 75% meatballs and 25% pasta about an hour or so after dinner, the Carb type would be starving, not feeling energize and overall not satisfied.

The Protein type would feel great.

And, the “mixed” type could feel great or not great depending on other some other factors that I’ll talk about tomorrow and Wednesday.

When thinking about what is a carb or protein, remember that protein isn’t just animal products.

Seeds, nuts, beans, veggies can be protein (or carbs).

For simplicities sake, think of health-supportive carbs like veggies and fruits and non-health supportive carbs as any type of bbread pasta, pastries and candy. (I don’t really like calling foods “good” or “bad” because different things work for different people, but for simplicities sake, when we think of food, if we think of it in terms of being health supportive or not…and even then, different foods work for different people.

For today, I want to invite you to notice if your body feels better when it has more carbohydrates or more protein.

Have a plate of pasta and see how you feel.

Then have a meal of just protein and see how you feel.

This is the easiest ways to figure out what’s works for your body, which is ever changing depending on your age & stage of life, how much energy you are exerting, the climate you are in…so many different factors….

To find an assessment on how to determine your metabolic click here for “Dr. Mercola’s Nutritional type

(and I still encourage you to pay attention to how your body feels after you get your results).

Tomorrow we’ll talk about another tool to layer onto this one to figure out what is best for YOU to feel amazing!

Our bodies are amazing in giving us information….we just need to listen to them!

Today’s Tip:  Determine your metabolic type to know what foods your body needs more & less of.