In tips 23 & tip 24 of this series, I shared a story of a week in my life last June when a guy who trespassed into my building & about being mugged—It was a crazy week!

The lesson from those experiences was that in order to experience feeling amazing in life, we have to be selective about who and what we let into our headspace. We may have people and things try to bust into our space but it’s our responsibility to “close the door” on the thoughts, people and things that don’t allow us to feel amazing.

There is no one else that can determine the thoughts in our head or the quality of our lives outside of ourselves.

Which sounds simple, right?

Of course not!

Because, like you, I’m human, I know that it’s not always that simple because our conscious mind is only 5% of who we are.

The other 95% is our subconscious mind—which means that there is so much going on beneath the surface that we aren’t even aware of.

That 95% of our subconscious, which is essentially our bodies, drives so many of our actions that we aren’t even aware of. Things intrude into our minds & subconscious that we did not even see coming—for me, that was being mugged.

And, then, there are things in our subconscious that are there because of the conscious choices we made at one point.

The guy who mugged me said that he was detoxing from Heroine —he said, “this disease has taken over my body. I don’t want to be doing this, I’m just so desperate.”

His addicted body was literally controlling his actions.

One day he made a conscious decision to take a painkiller, which then led him to desire stronger and stronger chemicals to numb the pain….

And, while, it’s easy for those of us who aren’t drug addicts to look down on this guy and say, “I’d never do that”, we all have addictions —It can be to the obvious like food, sex, work….but it’s the not so obvious that’s more dangerous.

The addictions to negative thinking, to being a victim, to struggling in relationships/career, to being someone who isn’t successful or worthy or deserving, addicted to the belief that you are not enough or not lovable these addictions are far more dangerous than the obvious addictions because we can justify and rationalize them.

And, just like this guys actions were driven by his addiction—so are our actions when we are addicted to not being enough or feeling deserving or believing you aren’t lovable.

These addictive energies are there because we have trapped emotions, wounds, trauma’s, memories and images in our subconscious (which is 95% of who we are).

Most therapy and coaching focuses on 5% of the conscious mind.

In order to make lasting shifts, we have to address the 95%—this can be done through various tools.

In tip 23 I said we’d start to dive into how to release the emotions that are trapped in our nervous system—there are so many different ways…for today’s tip, I want to focus on one of the easiest (and free) ways, which is breath work.

In tip 20 we talked about how everything is energy. 

Our energy can be described in many ways….calm, frenetic, peaceful. 

Our breath is…well, our life and vitality. If we don’t have breath moving in our lungs, we do not have a life. That breath literally has the ability to move energy when it is stuck. 

What I love about breath-work is that it can literally create shifts in you in a short time by doing something you already do—breath! When practiced regularly, it can have profound benefits in terms of healing as well as improving your overall wellbeing—including your emotional, physical, and mental health. 

The idea of breath work is that it induces an altered state of consciousness that allows the trapped emotions and traumas to be addressed and resolved in a loving, gentle way. 

There are various different types of breath-work.

Some of the more popular types that you can google if you’d like more information are::

  • Heart-focused breathing
  • Holotropic Breathwork
  • Wim Hoff Method
  • Box Breathing
  • Shamanic Breathwork
  • Transformational Breathwork

One of the simplest is what’s called “Box Breathing”—this helps you to take in slow, deep breaths which help to relieve stress…which gives us what we all desire—a calm nervous system.

There are formal ways of doing this with sitting upright, focusing on your intention etc.. but Box breathing can be done anywhere and any position whenever you need a break.

The idea is to inhale slowly for at least 4 seconds.

Hold your breath for at least 4 seconds.

Exhale slowly for at least 4 seconds

Hold it for at least 4 seconds before doing it again.

Do a couple rounds of this and it will allow you to get back to center and calm your subconscious.

If you pair it with the 90-second rule of allowing yourself to feel a feeling for 90 seconds (feel the feeling while doing the Box Breathing) you will start to feel the energy in your body shift.

Do it multiple times throughout the day & before you go to bed for multiple days in a row and you will begin to notice shifts in your world.

I encourage you to do a search in your area to see if there are any breath-work classes around you. There are so many great forms out there; I recommend trying different types to see what works for you!

For me, doing breath work every day was instrumental in keeping a calm state when I was mugged. Because I had conditioned my body so much to go into a calm state, I was able to do it when “the rubber hit the road” so to speak. 

I’d love to hear from you—have you taken any breath work classes? Do you incorporate breath work into your life? What’s your experience with breath work and shifting how you feel? 

Today’s Tip: Use breath-work, such as Box Breathing multiple times a day, to calm your nervous system so that you can shift your energy to feel amazing.