Hello lovely,  

Isn’t it funny how we make plans for how things are meant to go and then, more often than not, it doesn’t happen? 

That’s what happened for me with this series. 

In the last post (tip 23) I said that we’d start to dive into how to release the emotions that are trapped in your nervous system and keeping you in a cycle of self-sabotage and doubt…. 

…but then I was mugged. 

Physically, I walked away from the situation with very minor scrapes. 

Emotionally, I walked away with a whole new level of appreciation for all of the tools I’ve been sharing with you (as you watch the video & listen to this crazy story, listen for those tools 🙂 )  

It’s a bit long, feel free to click here to hear the story if you don’t want to read it.


June 29, 2018– I was almost home from a walk, it was 8 pm, still lots of sunshine out.

I was a half a block away from the door to my apartment building when a man walked up to me, stuck what I thought was a knife into my stomach (not breaking skin) and shoved me into a stairwell, screaming over and over “GIVE ME YOUR MONEY!”

After I stopped myself from peeing myself, I told him I didn’t have any cash…he didn’t like that answer and screamed more all the while still having the “knife” in my stomach (I later realized it was a screwdriver…either way, it was scary).

I offered my newly bought lottery ticket (the jackpot was over $400 m…he didn’t want that (good choice since I didn’t win!).

The next thing I hear coming out of my mouth was, “let me take you to an ATM and get you some cash.”

As I said it, he took a step back and as he did, I put my hand on his heart, looked him in his eyes and said “listen, I know this isn’t you, I know that you don’t want to be doing this, I know that deep down you are just pure love and that this is not who you are….”

I have no idea where this was coming from but words were flowing out of my mouth and as I was saying them, his eyes started to tear up and he said,
“You have to stop talking or I’m going to cry. You are right, this isn’t me, I don’t want to be doing this but I don’t know what else to do.”

As this point, he backed off of me and put the screwdriver back into his pocket.

I asked him what was going on and he said he was detoxing from heroine.

I asked him his name and he said he was afraid to tell me so I put out my hand to shake his hand, as I continued to look him in his eyes I said “my name is Heather, it’s nice to meet you, can I take you to an ATM to get you some money?”

He replied, “I don’t know, I’d be taking a leap of faith going to the ATM with you”

I replied “are you f*cking kidding me, I’m the one who just got mugged, don’t you think I”m the one who would be taking a leap of faith?”

He said, “You are right, I am so sorry, I apologize, will you forgive me? I’ll do work for you to pay back the money, mow your lawn, wash your car….”

I told him that I accepted his apology and that I didn’t have any work to give him but I’d still gladly walk with him to the ATM to get him some money.

As we started to walk to the ATM (I live in the outskirts of a city, there was one about a half mile walk towards the center of the city) I asked him how he got into heroine.

He said he had an accident at work, which led to pain killers, which then led to heroine.

He said that he had tried to get off of it but has never been able to.

At one point we walked by a security officer.

About a half-block past his said, “I don’t understand, we walked by a cop and you didn’t say anything?”

I replied, “I told you I would take you to the ATM”

He shook his head and said, “I don’t understand, you must be an angel or something”

I chucked to myself thinking “or just crazy!”

I asked him if he wanted me to call a friend that runs a detox facility and he said he was afraid…I asked if he wanted help with that —he said yes.

I told him to say out loud, “I’m afraid”

He looked at me funny but said it out loud.

I told him to say “I’m afraid and it’s ok that I’m afraid”

Again, he looked at me funny but said it.

I then told him to say “I’m afraid, and it’s ok that I’m afraid and I love that I’m feeling afraid.”

As you can imagine, he really gave me the “this b*tch is really crazy” look but said it out loud anyway.

I then asked him to take a deep breath, hold it, then let it out and then asked him how he felt.

He said, “I don’t know what you just did to me but I feel totally different. I don’t understand, you have to be an angel, I have no idea why you would be doing this???”

I was thinking “how the heck am I coaching a guy who mugged me a few minutes ago????”

We continued to walk to the ATM, when we got there, I asked him to wait at the corner while I got the money.

I contemplated, signaling for help but figured I’d gone this far and it didn’t feel right so I took out $60.

I told him that my money does not get spent on things like this (drugs) so he had to promise me that he would get help and then pay it forward.

He then said, “I want to tell you my name and I want you to find me on FB and check in with me; I promise I’ll get help.”

I pulled out my phone and there we stood on the corners of Tryon & 5th looking up his FB profile to make sure I had the right person.

(I had friend requested him at that time but then deleted it when I got home because I decided that I didn’t want to have that door open for him to see all of my stuff since my profile is public.)

We then said goodbye and went our separate ways.

I was definitely shaken up but not terribly.

I asked a cute guy on a scooter if he would walk me home, explaining to him what happened–He did (which was very nice of him considering the scooters are $1/minute).

Sadly, he didn’t ask for my info, lol.

This was probably the most bizarre situation that I have EVER experienced to date.

I’ve checked his profile a week or so after that—he hadn’t posted anything about going to rehab (I mean, how many people would post that???).

While I was writing this, I searched for him and it looks like he’s no longer on FB.

I do hope that he got help. Beneath the drugs, he had a heart that was longing for healing and wholeness.

I am beyond grateful that the situation ended up as it did—I had a few bruises and scratches but overall was unscathed–I am very well aware that many people have not had the same experience.

His mugging me had NOTHING to do with me and EVERYTHING to do with his Protection pattern (his subconscious doing everything it can to protect itself because that’s what it does best).

This had nothing to do with race or gender.

He was in a place in his life where he felt like he was going to die if he didn’t get more drugs, I just happened to be a person he thought he could get money from—and he did, just definitely not in the way he anticipated!

Yes, I was victimized but I am not a victim.

My hope and prayer is that it touched him on a deep level and he felt loved, cared for and safe at least for the time we were together….because isn’t that what we all want whenever we feel like we are going to die????


In tip 25, I promise you, I will share the tools with you I mentioned! 

I’d love to hear from you–have you ever had a situation like this where it seemed like it was going to go one way, but then, because of choices you made, it went a completely different way?

Today’s Tip: When life doesn’t go as you planned, you can choose to embrace & love what is or to hate it. One will give you a happy life, the other will give you a lifetime of suffering. Which one would you choose?