Hello, lovely,

When was the last time you woke up thinking, I feel amazing?

I hope it’s been recent; if not, I have more tips for you! (If you’d like to watch a video instead of reading, click here.)

In tip #19 I shared how our emotions are physiological responses to thoughts or beliefs and the more we experience the energetic charge of that emotion, the more it becomes who we are—those emotions become our personalities.

Our beliefs literally determine the emotions that we experience.

I shared how, in the book “Loyalty to Your Soul”—they gave this example to explain it—“most people would feel more emotionally upset if they lost a wedding ring than if they lost another piece of jewelry that cost the same. That’s because they hold a belief that the ring is more significant than the other jewelry.”

I talked about how emotions are, at the most basic level ‘energy in motion’.

The emotions that we consistently experience determine the quality of our lives—whether we feel amazing or….not so amazing.

To understand how to shift this to feel amazing, we have to understand what exactly energy is….which isn’t something that I feel totally qualified to explain because I don’t have a full grasp on it, yet, it can be answered with one word…


Energy is Everything.

It’s the ability to do work, energy is anything that can do something or move something….

There are so many different kinds of energy….

Chemical energy, nuclear energy, mechanical, electromagnetic…

What I’m talking about is emotional energy….and the ability to change or transmute it from one form of energy to another.

Energy is amazing because it can never be destroyed or created, it can only be changed or transmuted from one source to another.

When we feel an emotion, we feel a vibrational energy—each emotion has a vibrational frequency to it.

What do I mean by vibration?

Think about a radio. In order to pick up a certain station, the radio needs to send out a certain vibrational frequency.

Our emotions have certain frequencies.

Emotions such as shame and guilt have a low vibrational frequency compared to the emotions of love and joy.

We all know this intrinsically. When we are around people who are miserable, we want to stay away…unless we are miserable ourselves, then we feel annoyed by people who are feeling happy.

As soon as a person walks in a room, most of the time we can tell what sort of mood they are in because of the way they are carrying their body—that is because our emotions are felt and experienced in our bodies…because our bodies are our subconscious mind.

When we feel emotions powerfully and don’t process them—meaning, it was a significant emotional experience or we didn’t acknowledge the emotion…or we pushed it under the rug… those emotions can tend to get trapped in our bodies.

A trapped emotion can literally be like the size of a baseball or bigger that distorts the energy field of our bodies.

When we have distortions in the energetic field of the body, you create imbalances or dis-ease.

When we have imbalances or are experiencing dis-ease—that’s when we don’t feel amazing.

Personally and in my work with clients, what I’ve found is that 90% of the pain we experience physically and emotionally is due to these trapped emotions.

In the Western world, when people experience pain, most will go to a doctor to get a drug to suppress the pain or the symptom they are feeling.

The reality is, that pain or symptom is the body crying out telling us that something is wrong.

These imbalances that manifest as low energy, dis-ease (not feeling amazing) more often than not tend to be trapped energies that have stayed with us after we have a traumatic experience.

And, just to be clear, trauma doesn’t have to be something huge — it can be that you didn’t feel loved when your dad told you “no” one time when you were a kid—our subconscious doesn’t know the difference between real or imagined so if we believe that something is traumatic, then it is traumatic to us.

So…what does this mean when it comes to shifting our energy so that we can feel amazing?

The good news is that it can be shifted.

Remember, energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transmuted.

For now, the first step is to notice, when you experience an emotion, to actually take a moment and feel it. Notice where it is in your body. Notice the intensity of it.

Tomorrow I’ll share with you a tool I teach my clients that some have said is a miracle when they apply it but for now, I’ll leave you with Today’s tip:

Todays Tip: To begin to have a different emotional experience in your world, start by allowing yourself to feel your emotions and notice where in your body are experiencing them.