Is it true that calories don’t count???

That’s what we are going to be talking about today!

In Tip 01 we talked about the idea that, in order to feel amazing, we have to notice the fuel we are putting into our bodies (click here for that post).

(If you’d like to watch the video rather click here)

I shared about how cultures who eat what is called a “Western Diet”—lots of processed foods, factory farmed meat, added sugars, lots of refined grains….lots of things that come in boxes and bags that SCREAM at us to tell us how good for us it is vs. cultures who are eating whole, real foods (meaning, not processed, man-made foods) did not experience these diseases.

Today, I want to build on that thought and add another.

Have you ever heard these statement: “All calories are created equal” or “A calorie, is a calorie, is a calorie”?

Who, in the Western world hasn’t?

These statements have been given to us for years, telling us, “it doesn’t matter WHAT you eat, as long as it’s under a certain number of calories and you’ll be fine.”

And….yet, as a culture, we keep getting fatter and sicker.

…..and the crazy thing is, most people continue to buy into it even though we can see that it’s not working!

We’ve been told that “Calories In = Calories out” because the first law of thermodynamics that states that energy of an isolated system is constant yet we fail to take into account that the isolated system of a laboratory is completely different than a human body—which is anything but an isolated system.

Let’s look at this from a really simplistic standpoint.

If you were to take a cup of M & M’s and a cup of Peas and asked a kid which is healthier for you, he/she would say the Peas (they may say, “yuk, they are gross” but they know that they are healthier for them).

We all know, even if it’s at a deep down level, that foods are not created equal.

If we eat a food like cake, our insulin spikes creating a series of responses—high blood sugar levels, increased storage of belly fat, increased inflammation, an increase of triglycerides, raises blood pressure, impacts our hormones.

As our body processes food there are many systems that take part in this…

from the saliva that is produced to begin the breakdown process…

to our pancreas that produces insulin that impacts blood sugar levels, brain chemistry, and metabolism….

to our livers that manufacture fat…

which triggers more insulin resistance, which causes belly fat which creates chronic inflammation…

which causes weight gain and obesity and diabetes (or, as Dr. Mark Hyman calls it, “Diabesity”)…

Saying, “all calories are the same” is like saying, “all humans are the same” or “all foods that are red are the same—whether they are strawberries or a strawberry lollipop, the body doesn’t care about the color of the food, so why should I?”

We know that we feel different if we eat a strawberry than when we eat a lollipop.

If we eat a food, like a salad with some olive oil or avocado, our bodies feel completely different then if we eat cake.

The CICO model doesn’t work because we aren’t an isolated system….we are complex and created to eat food that is nutrient dense, not calorie depleted.

Feeling amazing starts with fueling your body with nutrients that come from whole, real food, not calories.

So, the next time you are about to eat and are wondering how you can feel amazing, ask yourself, did this food tell me, on its label how amazing it is for me & how many calories it has?

Or, did it come from nature, grown from the earth, and I can’t find anywhere how many calories it has?

If you focus on that—you will begin to feel AMAZING!

Today’s Tip: If a food tells you how many calories it has, walk away. Walk towards the foods that are sitting on the shelf unassuming, not saying anything about how many calories they have!