Hello, lovely

I hope this finds you feeling amazing and ready for another tip to help you feel amazing! (if you’d prefer to watch this via video instead of reading, click here.)

On tip #16, I started talking about why I never help my clients accomplish goals.

This is because they are heavy, typically come from our head in hopes to make us feel a certain way, they feel heavy and contractive and they are never connected to one’s heart. 

We experience stress and struggle for a long period of time to “achieve” the goal that you hope will make you feel happy, proud, excited…and, if you do accomplish the goal, you will probably feel that way…for a couple of days.

Then, you experience a letdown.

So, you just struggled for weeks or months or years to feel a certain way for a few days???

That’s craziness!

When we come from a place of “I have to do this to feel a certain way” no one ever feels good long term.

What we want to do is get clear on how it is that we want to feel and each day, create ways to feel that way so that you are experiencing the feeling throughout the whole journey.

And…here’s the challenge with that.

As humans, when we think a thought, feel a feeling, experience and an emotion we wire neurons together. The more we fire the same neurons together, the more we feel the same emotions and because we are living in those states, we have the same experiences.

Eventually, those feelings become our personality.

Think about people in your life who you’d describe as a “happy person” or a “stressed person” or a “grumpy person”….we all know people who we can describe their personalities by feeling words.

This is because emotions are literally “energy in motion.”

An emotion is a physiological response to a thought or belief. These responses can get anchored in our body as an energetic charge. The more we experience the energetic charge, the more it becomes who we are.

Here’s the really cool thing about emotions—the intensity of the emotional charge—whether its one we consider positive or negative— depends on the level of importance the mind places on it.

In the book “Loyalty to Your Soul”—they gave this example to explain it—“most people would feel more emotionally upset if they lost a wedding ring than if they lost another piece of jewelry that cost the same. That’s because they hold a belief that the ring is more significant than the other jewelry.”

Our beliefs literally determine the emotions that we experience.

Just to differentiate between emotions and feelings….our feelings are responses to an experience.

If you are walking in the woods and you see a Black Bear coming towards you, you experience feelings of fear, terror etc.

Our emotions are responses to a thought or belief—If we believe something is good, we will feel good.

If we believe something is bad, we will feel bad.

If we believed we “shouldn’t” be afraid of the bear, then we not only feel fear but then we layer that with the emotion of shame, which can keep up stuck for years.

Once we understand that our emotions are pure energy, we then have the choice to choose what energy we want to experience.

In order to feel amazing, we have to change the energetic state that we are living in.

Now…a lot of personal development will tell you to just “change your state” and to just “choose to feel different”. I’ve been in that world & it was always frustrating to me.

I thought, “um, if I could just ‘change my state’ that easily, don’t you think I would have????” (there were usually a ton more expletives within that sentence).

There’s this belief in the world of personal development of “change your thoughts, change your life”….which is entirely true, yet, it’s not that easy, or simple.

These energies have become lodged in our subconscious that continues to run our bodies, which create our personalities, which create, what Dr. Joe Dispenza calls, our personal reality.

We’ve talked about a lot of ways so far to feel amazing. I started this series talking about food and how changing what we consume literally changes how we feel because food is energy and, how making a decision to think differently can change how we experience life….but there’s deeper stuff that needs to happen. Our conscious mind is only 5% of who we are—the other 95% is our subconscious.

On Tip #20 of “How to Feel Amazing,”  we’ll begin to dive deeper into how we can shift and change our energy.

For now, I’ll leave you with today’s tip….

Todays Tip: Our feelings are responses to experiences. Our emotions are responses to a thought or belief. Notice the feelings that you experience and then notice the emotion that you experience because of that feeling. If it isn’t one that serves you, choose responses that will create emotions you’d like to experience.