Hello, lovely,

Happy Tip #15 of “how to feel amazing”! (If you’d prefer the video over reading, click here.)

The past few days we’ve been focusing on one of the biggest things that will help you to have an amazing life—your conscious mind.

I purposely said “one of the biggest things” because it still isn’t THE biggest thing that needs to be shifted for you to have an Amazing life.

We started this series by talking about food and how it is an essential building block in creating an amazing life.

If your body isn’t fueled by nutrient-dense food, it’s really difficult to feel amazing.

AND, there are plenty of people who eat crappy, processed foods who would say that they feel amazing.

So, food isn’t the biggest factor.

After 10 tips focused on food (and, we’ll go back to food because there is so much more that can be said on that topic), I switched gears and started talking about the most important question you need to ask in order to make changes in your world—that question is “Who do I need to be to have an amazing life?”

If we focus on that question alone, we can find all sorts of inspiration and “how’s” to feel amazing.

If we focus on that question alone, we come from a place of inspiration, which feels light, free & expansive; rather than “I have to _____”, which feels heavy, confining & constricting.

This question is one of the biggest factors in creating an amazing life…but still isn’t THE Biggest….

But, we are going to hang out here for a bit because there can be a lot of gold in exploring the conscious mind and when the conscious mind is really clear when we get to The Biggest factor, you’ll have a much easier time of actually getting the results that you want.

As a coach (which, I don’t really like that term, I just haven’t figured out anything better than people can understand), my job is to ask questions to help people connect to themselves.

It’s not my role to give advice because, at the end of the day, unless we come up with the answers ourselves, we typically don’t make the changes we are “advised” to make and, even when one does, it’s not lasting change….and we are really going for lasting change.

On tip #12 we talked about encountering a “wall of belief”—this is the wall that stands in the way between you and the life you want.

I invited you to write down all of the beliefs that are stopping you from having the life that you desire (have you written your list down???).

On tip #14, I invited you to write down the opposite of those beliefs and notice what goes on in your body & mind when you do it.

For example, if one of the beliefs is “I’m not good enough” the opposite would be “I am good enough” or “I am more than enough”

I mentioned how this can be challenging for most people because it’s really uncomfortable—most people aren’t willing to do this because…well, they aren’t willing to get a little bit uncomfortable.

But, if you are willing to get a little bit uncomfortable, because you know that it is going to bring more comfort in the long run then it’s time to ask the next question after “who do I need to be to create an amazing life”, which is…

“What needs to be true, that isn’t true for me now, to have an amazing life?”

So, what this could sound like could be…

“What needs to true to have an amazing life, is that I’d need to love my job”


“What needs to true to have an amazing life, is that I’d need to release 50 pounds”


“What needs to true to have an amazing life is that I’d need to love myself”

When we get clear about the things that aren’t currently true in our lives, it makes it easier to ask the question, “who do I need to be to…..love my job, release 50 pounds, love myself…..or whatever else it is for you”

For today, take a few minutes to write down all of the things that would need to be that isn’t true for you now, to have an amazing life.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about what to do once you have that written down.

Today’s Tip:  When you become clear on what’s not true in your life that you want to be true, you have the starting point to create the steps to make it true. It’s not always easy, but, just like using a GPS, when you actually put your destination in you can get there much faster than if you never used it.