Hello, lovely!

This is Tip #14 of the “how to feel amazing” series….(If you’d prefer the video over reading, click here.)

This started because a friend was saying how she was so afraid of doing videos so I challenged her to a Facebook (FB) live video challenge for a month. We compromised & for her, doing 3 FB lives a week was a stretch; for me, doing daily FB lives was my stretch.

As I was doing my videos I realized that I wanted to put together something that was valuable for people, not just me rambling—I hope these have been valuable for you!

I looked at what it was that people came to me for help with and, at the end of the day, I narrowed it down to the fact that people want to feel amazing—physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually.

So, I started this series to share tips & tools to help you love yourself more & feel amazing.

Each thing that I share, on its own, may not make the biggest difference in your world, but, when you do each of the things, there is a compounding impact that, as time goes by, you’ll find that you are feeling differently than you were before we started.

I started talking about food because it’s how we fuel our bodies and our minds.

When we are feeding our bodies foods that are nutrient rich (versus focusing on foods that are calorie deficient) we are able to respond to the world differently and have a better handle on our thoughts—but, we can have a perfectly clean diet and still not feel amazing.

For Tip #13 I talked about how we think between 12,000 to 60,000-70,0000 thoughts per day and about 98% of them are the same thoughts that we had the day before.


So….I want to invite you to think back to some of your thoughts yesterday.

Would you say that they were more on the positive, negative or neutral side?

Research has shown that for most people 80% of their thoughts are negative.

And, we all know that negativity is an incredibly draining vibration. Who likes to be around negative people?

Negative thoughts would be things like complaining about someone or something, talking down on someone (which would include talking down on yourself), thoughts that contain words such as “never”, “should” and “can’t”.

If we are consistently believing negative things, that is what we are going to experience.

There is a saying, “neurons that fire together wire together.”

What this means is that our brains communicate via synaptic transmission—meaning that, when we have a thought, one brain cell releases a chemical (known as a neurotransmitter) that the next brain cell absorbs—this is ‘neuronal firing’.

The more frequently the cells communicate, the connection between them strengthens so that the messages begin to travel faster and faster and eventually they become automatic.

It’s similar to walking in the woods—the more you walk the same route, the more of a path that’s going to be carved into the ground.

When we keep thinking the same negative thoughts over, and over, we find ourselves experiencing what we would call a ‘mood’ or a state of being —for most people these are moods or states of anxiety, depression, panic, sadness, & wrestling with obsessive & compulsive thoughts.

What’s crazy about this is that we are miserable in these states and we don’t LIKE feeling like this….yet, making the decision to feel differently can seem daunting at 1st for many people.

The other day I mentioned a man I had a conversation with who wanted to not be overweight anymore but with every suggestion that was made, he replied: “but I hate that!”.

This guy was choosing to stay miserable because he wasn’t willing to think different thoughts and choose different actions—he wants to have an Amazing life, he just doesn’t want to do anything different to make it happen…and, as we all know, that isn’t going to happen.

To create an amazing life, we have to make the decision to consciously choose different thoughts.

In tip #12 we talked about the “wall of beliefs”—this is a wall that stands in the way between you and the life you want. I had you write down all of the beliefs that are on this wall that are telling you that you can’t love yourself and feel amazing.

Today, I invite you to write down the opposite of those beliefs and notice what goes on in your body & mind when you do it.

For example, if one of the beliefs is “I’m not good enough” the opposite would be “I am good enough” or “I am more than enough”

It sounds really simplistic, and, you may find that it is more challenging than you think.

We’re doing this so that we can consciously see the things that are blocking us from having an Amazing life that we desire and to recognize what feelings those beliefs are creating in our body. When we look them dead on, it’s way easier to move them aside to step into the life we want!

Tomorrow, I’ll talk about what to do with all of these thoughts!

Today’s Tip: To create an amazing life, we have to make the decision to consciously choose different thoughts. Taking the time to recognize what our 80% allows us to start shifting those patterns.