Hello lovely!

In this “how to feel amazing” series, we talked for 10 days about food and how it is ONE of the essential building blocks for how to feel amazing…just not THE essential building blocks.

(If you’ve rather listen to this than reading, here’s a link to the youtube video.)

In Tip #11, I veered away from giving you more “how to’s” of feeling amazing because really, at the end of the day, give you all of the “how to’s” is not the most helpful thing for you.

But, I was intentional in doing it that way because, as humans, we are always asking the “how do I?” but when we get the “how’s” we still don’t make changes in our lives because the “how” keeps us stuck in our head….so, I wanted you to experience some of the “ok, Heather, I hear you explaining all of this but I still can’t do it!”

The reason for that is, In order to experience the changes that we want, we actually have to come from our heart, which will always give us the answers we need…where the head just keeps giving us more questions.

Yesterday I talked about the fact that asking the question, “who do I need to be to feel amazing?” will be more valuable to you then if you google, “how do I feel amazing?”.

The reason why the question of “who do I need to be to feel amazing” is more valuable is that it will allow you to listen to YOUR heart and to hear what the answers are for yourself, rather than what works for someone else.

At the end of the day, when we are so in touch with our hearts and come from that place, we will always get the answers we need.

And, from that place, we will feel more inspired to take action because it’s coming from inside of us, rather than something or someone external.

But…I’m not going to act like it’s super-easy and all roses when you go this route.

What inevitably ends up happening is that we hit what I like to call the “wall of beliefs”.

Imagine that you are running an obstacle course.  You are focused on crossing the finish line, you are clear about where the end is, you see yourself crossing that finish line & celebrating ….and then you turn a corner and BAM! there is a wall that you have to climb over!

This is what pretty much always happens when you are in the process of making changes in your world.

You may be cruising along, doing well, and then the next thing you know, you hit a wall that literally has all of your old beliefs written on it…

“you aren’t good enough to do this”

“you don’t deserve to have the life you want”

“you’ll never make enough money”

“you aren’t smart enough”

“no one would want you”

etc, etc, etc…

When we hit that wall we have the choice of…

….looking at it dead on and deciding to believe it and stay stuck looking at the wall or

….turn around and ignore it and act like the writing on the wall isn’t there (these are the people who sedate/numb themselves by things like smoking, drinking, eating, sitting in front of the TV for hours on end)


…or figure out who they need to become to get past it the wall.

Most people choose to believe it or ignore it and they pull themselves out of the race.

They are the people who don’t feel amazing and don’t love their lives.

The people who do feel amazing are the ones who were willing to look at that wall dead on and wrestle with the things written on it.

They decide that, in order to get on the other side of the wall, they need to be a different person than the one who wrote the stuff ON the wall and the person who believes it.

They make a decision that, since they were able to change their beliefs about the reality about Santa Clause (!! I hope I didn’t ruin anything for you!), that they can, in fact, make a decision to have an amazing life, even though, they had been miserable up to that point.

Again, it’s not always the easiest thing in the world to do, but, when you get to the other side, you’ll like the view so much better!

Today, I want to invite you to take a few minutes to write down what’s written on your “wall of beliefs” about who you are.

It may be scary at first to do, I totally get that, but once we actually look at it head-on, it does become less scary and it creates space for the amazingness to actually come in.

Tomorrow we’re are going to look at what your foundation is that you are building your amazing life on—I can honestly say, for most people, it’s a different way than they’ve heard from in the world of personal development so make sure to tune in tomorrow!

Todays Tip: When you look directly at your beliefs that are holding you back, you’ll be more likely to experience an amazing life.