Hello, lovelies!

I’m thrilled you are joining me in this “How to feel amazing”—In the past 10 tips, I’ve shared with you about food and how food is one of the essential building blocks for feeling amazing.

At the start of this series, I had mentioned that, when I started out as a health coach, I would have never thought that I would actually say that food is one of the least important factors in feeling amazing…and, it’s true.

If you’ve been following these videos, I’ve given you a lot of the “how to’s” when it comes to eating and feeling amazing.

And, in some ways, I’ve done a disservice to you—I apologize! And, know that I did this on purpose…

(If you’ve rather listen to this than reading, here’s a link to the youtube video.)

What’s the dis-service you ask?

Well, as a life/health coach, I always have people come to me to ask “how do I ______?”

There are infinite resources/tools out in the world that give us the “how to’s” when it comes to feeling amazing.

I googled it and 787,000,000 results showed up.

We are definitely not lacking in the “how to’s” of tools.

From the time we were young, we’ve been taught to build the muscle of “how to” do things…

…we’ve spent so much time on “how to” that we’ve dug ourselves into states of stress, anxiety, fear, overwhelm, self-doubt and ultimately the “am I even good enough to do it?” and then live our lives

in a state of self-doubt because we are so focused on the “how do I?”

Here’s the challenge with that—when we ask the question “how” we go directly to our brain—which is helpful at times, but not when it comes to making life changes.

What we really need to do 1st is to ask ourselves the question, “If I want to feel amazing, who would I need to be?”

When we come from that place, we are accessing our heart, which has all the answers we need.

We might not like the answers, but they are the answers we are looking for.

What do I mean by that?

Well, if you were at a place in your life where you wanted to release some extra weight, you can ask yourself all day long, “How do I lose weight” and you know all of the things you “should” do to get rid of the weight.

But, you don’t do them because you have a belief that you aren’t a person who exercises, or who eats healthy or whatever else it is that you come up with.

What’s keeping you stuck is that you don’t believe that you are someone who can actually feel amazing.

When we check in with our heart, we realize that we have to become someone different to have a different experience in life.

We realize that to have the experience we want, we have to actually become a different person…that’s the part that we don’t like to hear.

A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with a man who is extremely overweight.

He was telling me he worked with a “food coach” (that’s what he called it) but it didn’t help because she wanted to talk about how he was feeling when he ate certain things and what was going on in his life and he just wanted her to tell him what to eat.

So, I decided to help him understand her methodology and I gave him what he wanted by telling him the “how’s” of releasing the weight.

Every single thing I said to do, he replied with “I hate that, I’m not doing that” or “I hate that, I’m not eating that.”

I said to him, “so, you are telling me that you want your body & health to be completely different but you don’t want to do anything differently to make it happen?”

A little light bulb went off for him…

We talked about how the most important thing when working towards feeling amazing is making a decision of WHO you want to be, then having your actions come from that place.

If you believe you are a healthy person, feeling amazing daily, your actions are going to be aligned with how a healthy person who feels amazing lives.

If you don’t believe that you can be healthy & feel amazing, your actions will reflect that.

I’m not saying it’s not important to have the “how’s” of feeling amazing.

But…If you don’t decide 1st on WHO you are doing to be, the “how’s” will quickly become cumbersome.

When you are 100% clear about WHO you are—your actions will easily flow out of that.

The state of stress, anxiety, fear, overwhelm, self-doubt and ultimately the “am I even good enough to do it?” are fewer and far between we are focusing on asking ourselves “who do I need to be to feel amazing?” rather than “how.”

I’m not saying that it’s always easy….you are, in essence, having to have parts of your personality die—and none of us like that.

But, when you get the clarity on who you want to be, it becomes much easier to create the changes you want because you are focused on all of the things you will gain rather then the things you will lose.

As you come from this place, I think you’ll find yourself feeling much more Amazing!

In Tip #12 we’ll talk about one of the things that are stopping you from being who you want to so make sure to check that out!

Todays Tip: I’ve heard it said, “our head has questions, our heart has the answers”, Check in with your heart. Ask yourself “who do I need to be to experience feeling amazing” before asking “how do I experience ___________” and you’ll find the “how” comes much easier.