If you get my newsletter, last week I mentioned that there was something I was going to be doing that I couldn’t tell you about.

If you missed it–I got to be on The Dr. Oz Show!IMG_0555

And…My friends and family hate when I say things like this…but…it really isn’t that big of a deal.

I wasn’t asked to go on as an “expert” so I tend to minimize it (although the subject, food sensitivities, is something that many would consider me an “expert” in).

I was just a regular person on the show as someone with food sensitivities.

But…it was really fun and a great opportunity.  I love teaching people about how food affects their health so I don’t care who was doing the teaching as long as I can be a part of it.

So, how did I get on Dr. Oz?

Here’s the back-story.

I receive emails from reporters looking for people to fill their stories.  Last week there was a request from an unknown source for people with food allergies & sensitivities.  I feel like I’m the queen of that category so I responded.

And honestly, I took the advice from a friend in a coaching program (yes Kricket, this is your shout out, sorry I couldn’t do it on air) and did so off the cuff, with no attachment or expectation.  I knew that if it were meant to be, it would happen.

A few hours later I received an email asking to fill out a questionnaire and for headshots.

That’s when I found out it was for Dr. Oz.

So, again, I sent in the information, still with no expectations and within a few hours I received a call asking if I wanted to be on it.

Um, yes please!

And then the fear kicked in.

It wasn’t the fear of being on national t.v….I’ve already conquered that fear.

When I owned the bakery I was on Cupcake Wars, Food(ography), Unique Sweets and other local shows but they were all taped, no live audience.  Anytime I “screwed up” they could do another take.  It was controlled.

And, they were featuring my products, & me so I already had an advantage.

This was different for two reasons.

1) It is in front of a live audience:

2) I’d be standing next to “America’s Doctor” who is way smarter than me.

I was afraid of looking stupid;

of not being smart enough.

Have you ever had that fear?

What if I trip when walking?

What if I say something stupid?

What if I hate how I look that day?

What if my mind goes blank and no words come out of my mouth?

I had a choice–do I let my fears of looking stupid and not being smart enough stop me from having a new and fun experience or do I take a deep breath, pull up my big girl panties and go for it?

So, I took a deep breath, pulled up my big girl panties and went for it.

They say that at the end of your life you don’t regret the things you’ve

done but the things you haven’t done.

For me, that’s part of being Smart & Sexy. Feeling the fear and doing it anyway. No regrets.

And, because I did, I not only was able to meet Dr. Oz but I also met Dr. Mark Hyman (author of The Blood Sugar Solution & many other books), made new friends and had a super-fun day.


And, I didn’t trip, I looked & felt great (at least I thought so), my mind didn’t go blank and while I probably did say something stupid, I had FUN!

Because I decided to “feel the fear and do it anyway” I can now say I’ve been on national t.v. four times…and while that may not be a big deal for some….for this former painfully shy girl–it’s HUGE!

So, is there something that you’ve thought about doing but are afraid of for fear of looking stupid?  Or is there something else that’s holding you back?

Fear of not being enough?

Fear of not being accepted?

I get it…and I’d encourage you to “feel the fear and do it anyway.”

What do you have to lose?

Life is so much more fun that way!

I’d love to hear how you’ve overcome a fear you once had.  Leave a message in the comments below…you never know who you will encourage!

Until next time, eat smart, feel sexy!

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