I have had a belief that has been running much of my adult life and I hadn’t realized how pervasive it was until I had a session with Heather. It was impacting how I showed up at work and causing me to not want to participate in much outside of life.


As we talked it became clear to me that this belief…this story I had created about something that had happened in my childhood… had been sabotaging much of my energy and happiness.


As Heather gently worked with me, I was able to easily release the old belief and replace it with a new, more empowering belief that has changed who I am and how I’ve been showing up in my life.


Whenever that old belief starts to pop up now I just laugh at how silly it was and it goes away.

Work is so much better and I have more passion and energy for my life,

Caroline D


I was eating what most would call a ‘healthy’ diet–plant based, no processed foods but was lethargic and bloated. I had a sense that my body was not liking fruit but I kept eating them because they are ‘healthy.’

When I saw my results of the IgG test and saw that I am highly reactive to Apples and Banana’s my suspicions were confirmed.

Since removing them from my diet, my energy has increased and I am no longer bloated! I feel amazing! I completed 26-mile walk with a positive mindset of the outcome I desired. As a result I seem to be experiencing feeling pretty great 🙂

I’m being present in the moment, feeling more focused, less overwhelmed.

Sarah P.


I had been struggling with self-doubt and procrastination since being a little girl which was impacting my energy levels at work and outside of work. My low levels of energy caused me to procrastinate because I had no energy to deal with what was in front of me.
After working with Heather using the Emotion & Body Code work we discovered a stacking of emotions and a hidden Heart-Wall, which has now been taken town.
Since then I have felt much more grounded. I have more energy and have started to take steps in all areas in my life where I procrastinated in the past.
The Emotion/Body Code is simple and easy to receive. Our sessions were conducted over the phone and I started to feel the effects within a couple of days.
Thank you Heather!
Paula H

Life Coach, Reiki Master

 Since I started working with Heather, it’s like I found the ‘confident me’ I’ve been looking for.
Bonnie T

Small Business Owner

If your initial reaction to the Heart-Wall Clearing is something like “this sounds really flakey”, I can certainly understand why you might feel that way because that’s pretty much how I felt. But because I trust Heather, I decided to give it a shot. Here’s what I found.

1.   Even while Heather was going through the emotion code process, it still felt flakey. Up until I started crying. Then it became real. To this day, I still don’t know what I was crying about.

2.   But I do know that immediately after my session I felt what I now know were internal blocks melting away.

3.   About 6-7 days later, I noticed changes in my behavior patterns. Then more changes. And still more. Some changes were personal, some were business and some were both. I’m now more productive in both arenas.

4.    Think of it as analogous to Pac-Man – some little being inside of you running around and dissolving things that have been holding you back for months or even years.

5.   Bottom line. Maybe it does sound a little flakey. But if you’d like to unstick some part of your life that’s stuck, why let something that may sound flakey at the start stand between you and a happier and more productive you?

6.   I ask that question because one of the most interesting things is that once those blocks are dissolved and your behavior begins to change, it’s just like compounding interest – it just continues to grow. My energy continues to get better and better.
Tom C

NY Times Best Selling Author

This heart wall stuff is amazing. I feel so clear about so many things. I got a promotion and raise at work where I essentially get to design my dream job and then do it, which is funny because when I first started talking to you 3 months ago I was ready to get out of this job. I’m moving in with my new boyfriend- he makes me want to be my best in all areas! I’m being more open and speaking up in groups, this is becoming more natural to me. I feel so free and awesome!

I feel like everything is great, and that my entire life has shifted in a cool new direction that is aligned with who I am and who I want to be.


Jolene G.


I’ve never been happier or healthier.

From the time I started with Heather I have released 67 pounds. I have given up sugar, all junk food and like I said I feel wonderful.

I have more energy than I’ve ever had in my life. I am able to leave work and have energy to do other things I love.

Without Heather’s push, I would not be where I am today. Happy, Healthy, Beautiful and Sexy inside and Out!

Judi M.


“I have gained a renewed sense of self & balance, joy, energy…”

When I started working with Heather I was a total mess! I had irritable emotions, no zest for life, I felt old, fat, withdrawn & fearful.

While working with Heather I have become more conscious of food choices and it’s affect on me. I’ve had a significant decrease in sweets and I’ve learned how to substitute healthier sweets. I’ve been cooking more and eating less frozen & canned foods.

It was actually exciting to face some of my fears that were impending positive changes. It wasn’t bad at all, almost easier than I thought.

Heather was very supportive; I appreciated the gentle encouragement to approach changes & the excitement when improvements were made.

I have gained a renewed sense of self & balance, joy, energy and healthier relationships (including healthy boundaries).

If you are ready for a change and willing to do the necessary steps to do the work then you should definitely work with Heather.

Sue P.


“I have more energy…”

Tired, unfocused, stressed and struggling with food cravings –these are all things I experienced before I worked with Heather.

As we worked together my cravings are have tamed. I feel clear headed and more in control of my life and managing stress better. It’s easier having support and someone to be accountable to, however difficult, it is worth it.

I have more energy, I’m less constipated. I am more mindful of what I ingest and I pay particular attention to how foods affect my moods and energy levels.

If you are exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed,  have health issues, food allergies or sensitivities or desire to bring your energy to a whole new level….working with Heather is the right decision!

Audrey C.


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Spots Fill Up Quickly!