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Are There Subconscious Blocks Keeping Abundance From Flowing Into Your Life?

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What Is The Abundance Protocol?

Abundance can mean many different things to each of us. In this protocol, we specifically focus on financial abundance and your relationship with money.
What most often prohibits more money to come into our life is our beliefs about whether or not we deserve to have financial wealth and our beliefs about who we are in relationship to money.
After we’ve released your Heart-Wall, aligned your energy centers, gotten your heart and your brain messages to reach your body tissues, organs and glands intact we have a solid foundation to start addressing the blocks that have been keeping you back from allowing more abundance in your life.
We’ll create a desired outcome for your financial life, then work on releasing the imbalances that are causing you to stay where you are financially.  As we release the blocks, clients report having finances come into their lives easily and almost effortlessly (sorry, you still have to do the work).

The amount of sessions varies from person to person & everything is done remotely, meaning, after an initial conversation, I’ll do the work on you, then send you the information on what is released (you’ll receive a voice memo and also everything will be written up in a shared google drive document. Once the work is done, we’ll have a follow up conversation).


$50K pay raise!!
I negotiated (which I would have never done in the past) and got what I wanted—that was a big win for me!
Nancy M.

Career Transition Coach

What Do I Need To Do To Get Started?

In order to experience the greatest results, 1st let’s make sure that we’ve cleared your

Heart-Wall (click to learn more about the Heart-Wall). 

Energy work is a great modality in & of itself. AND…if you’d like maximum benefits, combining energy work with coaching, so that we can address the subconscious and the conscious mind, would be the best way to proceed.

What yields the best results is that we first, remove your Heart-Wall.

Next, we clear your Energy Centers.

Next, we release what’s blocking your immune system from operating at 100%, what’s blocking your Heart messages from reaching your body tissues intact and what’s blocking your Brain messages from reaching your organs/glands intact.

After that we can work on any (or all) of the following protocols:

* Self-Love Alignment

* Body-Love Alignment

* Relationship Alignment


Or, other topics such as (but not limited to):


* Social fears (such as public speaking or going to a new social environment)

* Feeling “stuck”, depressed and unhappy (though this usually dissipates after clearing

the Heart-Wall & Energy Centers)

* Excessive worry, fear, sadness, guilt and anger

* Negative Thinking

* Grief or negative feelings from abortion or miscarriage

We removed my Heart-Wall–What’s my next step?

Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 3.

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