Do You Need An Emotional Makeover?

We’ll work together to release the trapped emotions that

are holding you back from living your best life!

It’s Time For An Emotional Makeover…


If you feel stuck in a rut emotionally and physically.

If you have taken every “how to” course on how to build your business and have not

made the progress you want.

If you are ready to release the past to open new possibilities for the future.


If You Are Ready To Release What's Holding You Back

You Are In The Right Place.

If You Ever Thought….


I know WHAT to do, I just can’t seem to get out of my own way to do it…

That there is something literally stuck inside of you that needs to be released but don’t know how/what it is….

My future isn’t looking any brighter than my past…

You Are In The Right Place

My passion is to help you get unstuck


–emotionally, mentally, spiritually & physically–


so that you can experience your best life yet!

My Unique Approach

Most coaching programs tell you HOW to do things.

You learn HOW to eat or exercise right, HOW to build your business or HOW to do whatever it is you want to do.

The challenge with that is that we have over-used the “HOW-TO” muscle and haven’t addressed the “Who Do I Need To Be?” muscle.

You find yourself with all of the “how to” yet you are still stuck and can’t seem to figure out why.

You really WANT certain things (an amazing body, a business you love, a kick-ass income BUT….don’t BELIEVE you deserve them….which is keeping you stuck.

No one addresses the fact that your subconscious and conscious mind

are saying different things….

What’s unique about my approach is that we address both your unconscious and conscious mind through coaching tools and energy work to uncover the emotional and energetic blocks that are holding you back from WHO you want to be.

Once we address the blocks that are holding you back, everything begins to flow!

Let’s talk to see if we’re a good fit for one another!

About Heather

Diagnosed as lactose intolerant at 8, then pre-diabetic at 16 and told to not eat sugar by a doctor with no further instruction, I never knew what I should eat.

I constantly felt exhausted, moody and “stuck”.

My lowest point came in December of 2005. Despite having a Master’s Degree in Counseling,nothing in my life seemed to be working, the tools I had to get me out of a depression were not working AND I was eating pretty much nothing but sugar. There was a day when I laid in bed and thought of 5 different ways to end my life.

Not wanting to leave that kind of legacy for my nieces and nephews I needed to come up with a new identity, an identity of a person who chooses to live. I decided to make a deal with myself. I had read somewhere that sugar causes depression so I decided to not eat sugar for a week and see if I noticed a difference.

I told myself that if I still felt the same way at the end of the week then I could take my life (I wasn’t 100% bought into the new identity yet).

I know, it sounds so depressing…but that’s where I was at the time.

Obviously, at the end of the week I felt better. I shifted my identity to someone who took control of her life and since then, I’ve been immersed in the field of health & wellness.

I attended The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and became a health coach and a then went to The Natural Gourmet Institute and became natural food chef (my family seriously laughed out loud when I told them I was going to culinary school). I studied under amazing women such as author and t.v. chef Christina Pirello and founder of The Natural Gourmet Institute, Annemarie Colbin.

Along the way learned that in addition to dairy and sugar my body also doesn’t like gluten, eggs, banana’s and almonds…it seemed like there was nothing left for me to eat,  so I decided to make things I could eat.

I founded the country’s first bakery that is 100% free of gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, corn & refined sugar where I was featured The Cooking Channel (“Unique Sweets” and “Food(ography)”  and The Food Network (“Cupcake Wars”).

In 2012 I sold my shares of the bakery and decided to get back into coaching. I expanded my training by becoming a Master NLP practitioner, going through all of Tony Robbin’s programs (including his coach training program), becoming a certified Emotion & Body Code Practitioner, certified in DISC/Motivators and a Licensed Facilitator of Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map.

My identity is so different than that day in 2005 when I thought about taking my life.

It’s not that I don’t have bad days or go through rough patches.

It’s just that my life has switch from feeling exhausted and moody 100% of the time to feeling energetic and in control of my moods 99% of the time.

Isn’t it time you made the switch too?

Ready To Get Started?

I invite you to a 45 minute breakthrough call with me.

We will discuss what your desires are for your health & life, what’s gotten in the way of creating that and how I can help clear away what’s blocking you from creating the life you desire.

By the end of our session, we’ll know if we are a good fit for each other and you can decide if I’m the right person to help you release the blocks and create the life you desire.

My Other Love…

If I’m not on the phone with clients, it’s a pretty safe bet that you can find me at the Aerial studio on the silks or on the lyra (that’s the hanging hoop).

Check out my most recent performance by clicking on the picture below!

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